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Technical communication: inventory inkjet technology and printing synchronization scheme

[Ming Bo Anti-forgery ink printing ink jet device] today is working with new media affect the printing industry faces, printing head, printing ink and workflow engine, the progress of ink-jet technology has made great progress, but also in the massive research and development funds and personnel support, will achieve faster jet field growth.

The production of inkjet equipment to undertake large quantities or medium-sized printing orders, before they are printed on the web, but now there are some energy in sheet-fed printing.Although the production and application of printing quality of inkjet equipment obtained in different largely depends on the actual, but the quality of ink jet printing is a substantial improvement in recent years, and almost comparable to offset.

Transfer from the toner, a lot of ink-jet printing machine now comes from the toner digital equipment to change the traditional.These products are low cost, but also with the printing quality and technology level, their market share is growing.The quality gap between production type ink-jet printing and other printing mode becomes smaller, and was almost difficult to detect the degree of.In addition, there are a considerable part of live parts directly from an offset printing press to inkjet printing equipment, and crossed the toner digital printing equipment center.

In addition, in the packaging market growth momentum production inkjet solutions are also very strong, because it can transfer the information to the target group of products or activities in a faster and more economical way.The biggest challenge facing production inkjet market is the data management.Because of the modern printing equipment production speed has improved a lot, so people need faster to deal with related data, so as not to affect the efficiency of printing production.Now, a lot of variable data printing with toner equipment companies have expressed their own production rate decreased by 50% or more, and in order to avoid this situation, the printing enterprise must have more powerful data processing ability.

The publications market has been changing, along with some low cost variable information is introduced into the personalized material, such as newspapers, direct mail and magazines, ink-jet printing will gain greater room for growth.And compared to offset printing, ink-jet printing technology is more simple, a lot of Companies in this sector are stepping up the development of the technology, in order to seize the initiative in the market competition.In the near future, we will see more production inkjet printing machine.


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