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Ming Bo Anti-forgery ink: ink color tips

    Ink color allocation is an important work before printing, but also very abstract work.Simple subtractive primary colors, yellow, magenta, cyan adjustable out red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other dozens of colors.In actual deployment process, it can not obtain tricolor ink color, this is because the ink manufacturers selected pigments, dyes do not meet the international standard color saturation, color density, brightness, three equal basic colors of ink added only tea grey, not black.Therefore, in the actual color process is inseparable from the black ink, white ink, diluent ink and additives.

    Inking process

1 master ink system, color, color saturation, viscosity, fineness index for.

2 of the proofs and customer requirements, process requirements, color, ink usage requirements for validation requirements, for each color set of color sequence arrangement, product printing, ink usage, main color blending to understand.

The 3 diluent and ink resin dissolved, the temperature deviation and diluent ratio are related, such as high temperature, diluent should adopt the slow type.At the same time, the dissolving effect, volatilizing speed also plays a very important role in the quality of printing products, therefore according to select the appropriate conditions of diluent.

Ready to do a good job of ink, thinner to 4 before printing.

5 in short time on overprinter, according to the collocation of color, the appropriate use of basic colors of ink, and a good grasp of the proportion, in accordance with the proofs of each color group ink color blending, and make the printing speed stability, a little adjustment can achieve the proof effect.In the normal printing, batch control hue is identical, the ink is difficult, such as diluent addition will affect the degree of color effect, which requires the inking personnel should have a strong sense of responsibility.

Ink notes

1 in the shade to meet the requirements of the situation, the ink color varieties less easy to control.Can use color ink do not use color ink, in accordance with the subtractive, more color spot color ink using the saturation will be lower, the corresponding increase in black composition.

2 confirm the main colors printing and the secondary color, color ink as ink, ink color ink as the other, mainly basic ink, color ink as a supplement, the deployment of spot-color ink will be faster, more accurate.

The 3 deployment of sampling and sample ink, try to use the same paper with printing paper, because the ink color will change with the different factors such as paper absorbency.Only to maintain the stability of the paper, in order to avoid color error caused by the difference of paper.

4 with the ordinary white cardboard sample or scraping, ink layer thickness will directly affect the color of ink, ink layer is thin, light color, high brightness.Site or the network cable, wet or wet dry, powder quantity is large or small, the paper surface smoothness, whiteness, ink layer thickness and so on different will cause the color difference.

The 5 tone of spot-color ink, first of all to saturated hue out of ink, a thin sample, confirm the lack of color and secondary color, and then diluting agent to the desired spot.

6 Influence Factors of spot color ink color include printing process, the water, ink quantity control, speed and printing equipment, should grasp the printing and its rules, to ensure product quality.

Master of spot-color ink, ink quantity control, the deployment of ink left the full use, not only can save material, but also on the technical level of the personal qualities, will have a corresponding increase.An excellent ink industry, plays a very important role to reduce the new ink development, innovation, color ink cost.深入了解。













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