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he use of rubber blanket to boot in the offset printing process?

The new blanket will produce bigger change, at the beginning of the thickness after adjustment, blanket thickness will remain stable during normal use of longer, so need to print after a period of time, increase the amount of liner thickness or decreasing the center distance to cover.But this stability is relative, after a great number of printing, rubber blanket by using in different pressure, plastic deformation occurs, will cause the blanket appear uneven phenomenon.

In the offset printing process due to the paper part of regulating improper or careless operation, often with a thick piece of paper, fiber paper hard and multiple sheets of paper into the drum, the drum blanket local indentation and sag, in part due to lack of concave mirror ink printing pressure, therefore can not complete the transfer graphic, can pass the following means to remedy.

(1) using the blanket back shimming method.In order to prevent the blanket after disassembly can not see clearly concave part, should be first in the blanket positive valley with a ballpoint pen to draw the corresponding size of the mark.Remove the rubber blanket, according to draw out the corresponding position mark on the back draw equal mark, the mark must be accurate in painting.Then, choose appropriate indentation level in paper and ink pressure rubber blanket, torn or cut into the same size and mark the shape, if a piece of paper thickness is not enough, the available two, three with paste and glue adhesive in the level of service the blanket back Valley, until the glue dry rear can be mounted on the rubber blanket.

(2) with blanket cleaning to remedy the reducing agent, the effect is ideal, convenient and practical, reducing agent rubbed on the blanket. Not inking parts with brush dipped into the blanket cleaning, will have the effect to get instant results.

Pib in after a period of time, even if still can be normal use, but also to let the "rest" a.Remove the blanket from the machine, first with the cleaning agent or petrol on the special ink ink and oil clean; then with alkali solution washing 50%, so that the saponification of fats into the blanket surface; and then water wash away the saponifiable substance, and dry; finally dusting powder, save in accordance with the method described earlier the blanket, so after a period of "rest" can restore the original flexibility in a certain extent, prolong its service life.

Because of the blanket with light aging, thermal aging shortcomings, purchase shall be set aside the blanket cloth to roll, with black paper package, stored in ventilated and dry place, and keep away from light and heat, and the oil, acid, alkali and salt and other kinds of chemicals, the best storage temperature at 20 ℃ so, relative humidity of 70% is appropriate.The new blanket has a smooth layer of oxide film, the pumice dipped in gasoline to wash away, can guarantee the blanket surface adsorption ink with good performance.

The effective part of printing needs often keep clean.If not clean, will affect the printing pressure.If the ink or other impurities fixation in the blanket surface, printing pressure will change, which affects the quality of printed matter.Non - print area should also be kept clean, if not keep this part of the clean, with clay and other impurities coagulated, and printing pressure increases, will Pib surface damage, leading to its not normal use.

Keep the blanket surface cleaning should also pay attention to a point is the effective part of printing of the junction, the cohesion of the place of optical variable ink and other impurities up.Because of the increase of pressure, speed up the blanket of fatigue, this part of the rubber blanket most prone to crack, so we must prevent the accumulation of impurities in here.


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