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Industrial cleaning: how to clean the water ink machine?

Industrial cleaning: how to clean the water ink machine.Water-based ink Water-based ink water-based ink for ink, flexo water-based ink or liquid ink, which is mainly composed of a water soluble resin, organic pigment, solvent and auxiliary agents by composite grinding.Water-based ink is particularly suitable for tobacco, wine, food, drink, medicine, children's toys and health of the requirements of packaging and printing products strict.

Washing machines and printing plate

Water-based ink is simple by circulating water wash, but the corner or the flower drum can still be residual pattern.Because of the ink dry, wash once more difficult, so without drying, must promptly clean.Color: refers to the target color and the color matching process data.According to the visual palette color is the most common method.Is the color to see sent sample color, based on experience knowledge and skills, with the color material at hand, color comparison sample, while repeated trial color, color matching.

Washing machine water ink: the basic process is as follows:

From the color material at hand, choose the necessary color,

The weight and color:

In order to confirm the color is consistent with the target color and open out the color:

Compared with the color and the color is a color difference:

The exact determination of the color and color difference.


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