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Ink deployment decision silk screen printing precision?

[hot blog anti-counterfeiting ink printing network] screen printing has been the introduction of traditional industry, one of which is the lacquer ware industry, bowls, trays, boxes and other representative lacquer ware products can also be compatible with the modern way of life, now has to adapt to the development of lacquer ware for multiple purposes, through the implementation of various printing methods, improve the product the value of.In these adornment method, is widely applied in the lacquer screen printing gold and silver powder.

The 1 screen printing and lacquer paint techniques.Lacquer paint techniques in wood, plastic on the bottom of the first spraying black paint, lacquer, and on the surface of lacquer painting patterns, and then in the paint drying of coated with gold, silver method.The classification is flat, painting, paint paint paint high grinding lacquer mud gold painted.

A paint technology has two types of manual and automatic to manual.The first step is to design methods of pattern profile into the plate, in the screen printing in this process belongs to the plate, so ignore.The following description in sequence.

2 anti-counterfeiting ink printing equipment.For pots, trays, box of planar printing equipment.First edition on the stage, and then the lacquer on the stage and positioning, positioning fixed lacquer ware.A large printing, must have the positioning and fixing device (for example, the substrate can be inserted into the convex wood type machine), layout and printing the clearance for 1~2mm.Curved surface printing pot, bowl type of substrate, in a circular screen version as the center, scraper downward, the substrate upward run, when the contact scraper, screen and substrate, the rotating force squeegee pressure screen version of the substrate rotation, printing.

Paint modulation with 3 printing.Here only for blending method to make a simple introduction.Paint itself can not be used as the printing ink, paint, low viscosity, easy to mix the printing surface bubble, bubble, not up to the requirements of precise printing.Therefore, to make good the temperature change ink status, they require modulation.Compared with other coating, paint drying conditions completely different, depends on the activity of drying and, therefore, need to control the temperature, humidity.Viscosity adjustment printing paint: the ferric oxide, titanium oxide, protein, anhydrous silicic acid and mixing paint, fully cooked, sealing 4~5 days, viscosity can be adjusted to about 500 poise, can be printed with ink.

4 paint (ink) and a paint drying time.Effect of drying paint is affected by temperature and humidity is bigger, the best drying conditions of the temperature of 30~35 ℃, humidity 75%~80% paint time and proportional to the drying time, paint (ink) the greater the viscosity of dry more quickly.

5 printing precision.Adjust the paint (ink) paint liquid above 65% or below 40%, as the printing condition is not too ideal.That is much liquid paint, and a version of the bad, stay have traces of paint.Especially in the substrate surface, along the direction of the printing can be clearly see.In addition, less liquid paint, paint of poor liquidity, printing pattern surface instability, with traces of the Internet, especially in printing gold, silver, the mark is very clear.With screen plate making generally use 250~300 nylon net, the accuracy of the good.Because special drying conditions, so it is not prone to screen plugging the holes phenomenon, watermark ink printing operation is good.


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