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Characteristics of screen printing machine aluminum screen frame

[Mingbo Anti-forgery ink printing network] screen printing is the silk fabrics, synthetic fiber fabric or metal mesh network beng in the box, making screen using hand-carved photochemical plate or film. Modern screen printing technology, is making screen by means of photolithography using photosensitive material (the screen hole so that the graphics and text portion of the screen hole is a through hole, the screen plate and non - verbal-visual part is blocked). Squeeze through the printing scraper, which by some ink through the mesh transferred to the substrate, forming the same with the original graphic. Screen printing equipment is simple, operation is convenient, printing, plate making simple and cheap, strong adaptability. Print screen printing using a wide range of common: color paintings, posters, business card, binding covers, commodity signs and printing and dyeing textile etc..

The characteristics of the aluminum frame of screen printing machine:

There is light in weight, the wide range of selection, cross section high yield strength, corrosion resistance (chemical agent, ink, solvents and cleaning agents) and easy to clean.

Types and characteristics of aluminum frame in screen printing:

Aluminum frame is divided into four main sections of hollow type, font, font, Tian and crossing.

1, treadmill printing aluminum frame:

Suitable for running printing, apparel printing, craft gifts, leather, plastics and toys such as printing manufacturers; printing work mainly for manual assembly line (treadmill) operation.

2, precision electronic aluminum frame:

Suitable for multi-layer PCB, LCD, surface mount, membrane switch, ceramic decal, alcoholic drinks and tobacco packaging printing and other high-precision requirements of the manufacturers use: printing work mainly with automatic screen printing machine, also suitable for precision semi-automatic screen printing machine.

3, CD, ceramic aluminum frame:

Suitable for use in CD discs, nameplate, epoxy, keyboard, plastic, shell and other ordinary printing precision requirement manufacturer: printing work with manual printing and small size printing machine; can be customized single frame and arc frame and other special-shaped box.

4, the large aluminum frame:

Suitable for large-scale outdoor advertising light box printing, four-color, automotive glass, glass curtain walls and other large format printing; printing work mainly in the large format screen printing.

5, electronic aluminum frame:

Suitable for single and double sided printed circuit board, the use of glass decals, printing and other printing precision requirement manufacturer: printing work mainly semi-automatic screen printing machine, part of the material is also suitable for manual printing.


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