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Optical variable ink
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Product name:Optical variable ink

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Category:Optical variable ink

Release date:2014-03-21

Product features:

Products introduction

Optical variable ink is one kind of special security ink which will change color with different viewing angle. The printed sample with this kind of ink, shows two kinds of different colors in front and side of view.With a stronge optical variable effect, it doesn’t need any devices to recognize.By intense optical variation and sharp color changes, whose color angular effect can’t be duplicated by high resolution scanner, color copying machine and other devices.


The packaging printing industry with high security requirement such as currency, passport, certificate, cigarette,alcohol, cosmetics, medicine etc.


Series  Interference type,  Liquid Crystal type and Mica type.


Interference type   

Variety of colors on offer. With a strong metallic glitter color in appearance,  it can be printed directly on substrate to get the color change effect.

Printing Way:

Screen printing, gravure printing, UV printing,

Silk-screen printing on plastic, nylon, paper,ABS, PET, PP, metal, glass etc.


Colors: Brownish Red- Green, Purple Red-Green,  Rose Red- Green, Brownish Red –Gold, Magenta –Gold, Magenta- Gold, Blue- Purple Red, Yellow Green –Blue, Red- Gold, Gold-Green, Yellow- blue, Purple –Red, Blue-Purple, Green –Purple, Silver-Green, Gold-Silver.


Liquid Crystal and Mica style:  

Milky-white color in appearance, need to be printed on dark or black substrate to get optical variable effect.. Variety of colors on offer.

Printing Way:

 screen printing, gravure printing, UV printing.

 Silk-screen for plastic, nylon, paper,ABS, PET, PP, metal, glass etc.


Colors:   Red –Green, Gold-Green, Green-Blue, Blue-Purple black,  Dark Green–Blue, Purple- Green, Green- Purple, Green –Orange, Red- Gold, Yellow Green- Blue, Blue-Purple.


Brightness-Gold, Brightness-Red, Brightness-Green, Brightness-Blue, Brightness-Emerald Green, Brightness- Purple Red, Brightness- Purple, Brightness-Purple Blue. ( Need to be printed on white substrate.)

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